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Sign of Unity…Instrument of Peace

Dear brother in the priesthood,

In the years since we began in 1970, the National Council of Priests (NCP) has enabled priests to come together to support one another across diocesan and religious order boundaries and to reflect together on our role within and as a vital part of the Church.

With the many challenges presently facing both the priesthood and the Church in Australia, we believe that now more than ever it is important that we stand together in solidarity and mutual support as brother priests.

As our motto says the NCP exists to be a Sign of Unity and an Instrument of Peace between and among the presbyterate of the Australian Church.

Although we come from diverse places, backgrounds and points of view, we believe that our initial insight – which has been recognised for a long time – remains true today:

“We are priests best when we are priests together.”

The challenges of today are larger than our own capacity as individual clergy to respond and the COVID-19 pandemic has shown us how challenging it can be to provide spiritual and religious support to our people and to each other. The NCP exists that we might bring our collective wisdom to bear on the challenges we face as Church in Australia.

We believe NCP membership continues to represent excellent value for members in every sense and sincerely hope that you will choose to become a member this year.  Please take some time to explore our website: and if you have any questions, feel free to contact us via the National Office (see details on reverse).

Our main aims and objectives:

  • To promote a spirit of fraternity and mutual support among members and other clerics of the Catholic Church in Australia.
  • To devise ways and means for members and others to better serve the people to whom they are called to minister.
  • To provide a forum for the exchange of ideas and to promote the spirit of ecumenism and to establish ecumenical links.
  • To effect a liaison with other national bodies of religious women and men and with national bodies of laity.
  • To maintain contact with similar associations.

2022 will be an opportunity for the NCP and the Church of Australia to shape the Church of tomorrow through the 2021-22 Plenary process and we encourage all priests in Australia to contribute to the discernment and discussion processes as they arise.

Yours in His priesthood,

James Clarke
NCP Chairman – on behalf of the Executive