The National Council of Priests is an Australia wide organisation of Catholic Clergy (Bishops, Priests, Deacons) and Associate Members (Lay, Religious and Seminarians) – who join together to support each other in their ministry in the Church.

Founded in 1970 in the Spirit of Vatican II, the NCP is committed to the fraternity and further education of clergy and to representing all clergy in the public forum.

The NCP is acknowledged by the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference.

Join the NCP

As an organisation, it is your needs we serve and your interests we seek to represent.  The strength of our organisation and our ability to continue advocating for the needs of Australian clergy greatly depends on our capacity to maintain and grow our membership base from year to year.


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Golden Jubilee Convention

It has been the NCP custom to hold a Convention every two years and 2020 would ordinarily be the year of our next gathering. To mark the 50thanniversary – the Golden Jubilee – since the first NCP Convention was held at Hunters Hill in 1971, the NCP Committee has decided that the next Convention will be in 2021.

We are currently seeking volunteers to host this significant event, so if you think the NCP Members in your diocese would be willing to band together to organise the 2021 Convention, please let Paddy Sykes (NCP Chairman) or Sally at the NCP office know of your interest. The National Office has resources and guidelines to help you to host a Convention.

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