NCP Conventions

The first NCP Convention was held in Hunters Hill, NSW in 1971.  Since then a convention has been held every two years.

2018 Canberra, ACT Being Catholic in Australia today…after the Royal Commission and before the Plenary Council.
2016 Melbourne, VIC Let Our Church Doors Be Open
2014 Twin Waters, QLD Against the Wind
2012 Warrnambool, VIC Navigating Our Way in a Changing Church
2010 Parramatta, NSW Changing Face of the Priesthood
2008 Perth, WA In the Steps of Salvado and Hawes
2006 Adelaide, SA Imagining New Pastoral Leadership
2004 Toowoomba, QLD On the Track
2002 The Entrance, NSW From Goodwill to Faith
2000 Lorne, VIC Travelling the Road of Reconciliation
1998 Perth, WA The Priest – Surfing the Wave
1996 Hume Weir Priest – Bearer of the Mystery
1994 Townsville, QLD Families – Our Hidden Treasure
1992 Adelaide, SA Collaborative Ministry
1990 Sydney, NSW The Australia Priest Today – Product of the Past, Shapers of the Future?
1988 Perth, WA The Priest – Discovering a Spiritual Australia
1986 Brisbane, QLD Family Living – Pastoral Concerns
1985 Melbourne, VIC Gospel Justice – Dom Helder Camara
1983 Mildura, VIC Faith & Culture in Australia
1982 Brisbane, QLD The Australian Priest – Journey into Mission
1981 Canberra, ACT (Meeting of Area Representatives)
1980 Adelaide, SA The Australian Parish in the 1980’s
1979 Sydney, NSW Priesthood in Australia
1978 Melbourne, VIC The Church in a Changing World
1976 Canberra. ACT Priest – Relating person
1975 Brisbane, QLD The Priest – Communicator
1974 Adelaide, SA Evangelise or Perish
1973 Hunters Hill, NSW 2nd Convention – Renewal in Oral Theology
1972 Melbourne, VIC Eucharistic Congress
1972 Hunters Hill, NSW (Area delegates only)
1971 Hunters Hill, NSW 1st Convention – NCP established
1970 Hunters Hill, NSW Priests Conference
1969 Coogee, NSW Seedbed Meeting