NCP Membership Form

Download a PDF file of the NCP Membership Form which we encourage you to pass onto a prospective NCP member.

Sign of Unity … Instrument of Peace

02 March 2020

Dear NCP Brothers,

Thankyou for your commitment to the NCP. Your continuing membership is appreciated and is a real sign of unity and solidarity among us amidst these turbulent and challenging times for the Church.

With this year’s Membership Renewal, we once more call upon your support. With the challenges presently facing both the priesthood and the Church in Australia we believe it is vital that we continue to stand together in solidarity and mutual support as brother priests.

As a member, you are no doubt aware of our main aims and objectives:

  • To promote a spirit of fraternity and mutual support among priests of the Catholic Church in Australia;
  • To develop and promote ways to assist priests to better serve their people;
  • To be a forum for the exchange of ideas;
  • To be a point of contact with national bodies of both religious women and men and with national bodies of laity;
  • To be a consultative body to the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference.

We believe that the initial insight of our organisation remains more today than ever:

“We are priests best when we are priests together.” 

2020 will be an opportunity for the NCP and the Church of Australia to shape the Church of tomorrow through the 2020 Plenary which will begin later this year in Adelaide.

We therefore look forward to receiving your Membership Renewal and to your continued involvement and support.

Finally, if you know a brother priest who is not an NCP member (newly arrived/newly ordained or never been a member) – or who is a past member who has let their membership lapse – please encourage them to join / re-join. You might consider sharing with them what it means to you to be a member as a way of encouraging them to do this.

In closing, we once again thank you for being part of the NCP, which we believe now more than ever has a vital role to play in the life of the Australian Church.

We look forward to receiving your 2020 payment before Easter.

Peace and blessings to you.

Your brother in Christ

Fr Brian Mathews

NCP Treasurer – on behalf of the Executive.